Oasis is an intimate destination festival in Marrakech, Morocco which brings some of the world’s top electronic music acts to an ancient city undergoing a dynamic shift in creative and cultural output.

Oasis approached Black Circle Media to handle creative direction and brand strategy for the festival in 2017. We have overseen the development of all video, photo, editorial, social media, brand partnerships, and the website, and have devised a unique data-driven marketing strategy for 2018/2019 which spotlights the cultural experience as well as the festival, and positions the event as a contemporary culture beacon in North Africa.

Creative Direction

Throughout 2017 and 2018 campaigns, BCM managed and steered the creative direction of Oasis. We oversee the photographers, videographers, graphic designers, social media, and web developers, while shaping publicity narrative.

Video Content

BCM oversees direction of aftermovie and promo video content for Oasis. Working directly with the video production company, we shape the voice of the festival through editorial and announcement-based promotional content.

Marketing Strategy

Oasis’ 2018/2019 content marketing strategy is built to disrupt the traditional festival aftermovie format. BCM used the festival’s ticketing data from 2017/2018 and survey responses from the audience to build a longterm strategy that is true to the sales cycle for a destination festival.


  • Oasis Festival sold out for the first time in 2017 after BCM joined the team
  • 2018 has seen a 32% increase in ticket sales to date
  • 800k+ impressions on video content for 2018