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Whether you’re an artist, brand, festival or label, your story is your identity.

Black Circle Media tells your story through engaging editorial, video, and experiential content that merges high journalistic standards with the imagination of a creative agency.

We create and execute content strategies, branding, websites, social media, and copy for major brands like Steve Aoki, Electric Zoo, Spinnin’ Records, and Pulse Radio.



With backgrounds running the most highly regarded and widely read publications in dance music and club culture, Black Circle Media has unrivaled experience envisioning and managing large scale content operations.

Prior to founding Black Circle Media, Ross Gardiner and Jemayel Khawaja worked as senior editors at Mixmag and THUMP respectively. Their work has also appeared in Billboard, LA Weekly, Vice, The Hollywood Reporter, and Insomniac.

Our head of production, Anders Rostad, is a renowned music video and commercial director. He has developed original content for Facebook, Instagram, and Microsoft, and directed music videos for Kaskade and Pretty Lights

Ross Gardiner lead Mixmag’s stateside expansion and its hugely popular live-streaming platform the Lab, while Jemayel has produced and hosted video projects across the Vice Media network.

The electronic music audience is one of the most coveted, yet difficult target markets for brands to connect with. Black Circle Media speaks the language of dance music, because we are a part of the culture. You can’t fake authenticity.

If you’re branding an artist, launching a platform, planning an activation, engaging in market research, or simply exploring the electronic music space, Black Circle can navigate the demographics, trends, knowledge, and relationships you’ll need to succeed.

The keys to a successful social media presence are a clear identity, an authentic voice, and consistent execution. Your enthusiasm has to be real before your influence can grow. That’s where we come in.

Black Circle members have orchestrated many a viral sensation, but know that a good social media presence is about more than just “likes.” It’s about creating a living expression of your identity that fans can interact with.

Sometimes, you just need words. Black Circle efficiently provides verbiage for business-to-business documents, press releases, websites, and email correspondences.

Bios, speeches, open letters, manifestos, guides, op-eds, and more. If there’s a message you need to get across, we know how to get it done with style and efficiency.

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